03.06.2023 „Bad Freienwalde ist Bunt“- For a city based on solidarity!

Dear people of Bad Freienwalde!
Dear friends, dear guests!
The subject of this year’s rally on 03.06.2023, „Bad Freienwalde ist Bunt“, is everyday discrimination. By this we understand discrimination and condemnation of individuals or groups of people. The reason for this discrimination can include many different characteristics: Origin, gender, income, place of residence, education, age, physical or mental limitations, sexual orientation and much more.
For those who are affected by discrimination, it shapes their everyday lives and has an adverse effect on their ability to participate in our society on an equal footing. It is, for example, the reason why people have worse chances when looking for housing or a job, or why they are treated badly in a store or at an office, or why they can’t get into certain rooms because there is no elevator or ramp. It also leads to offensive language and violent assaults on the street or bullying and violence at school.
What prevents people from living a good life together and, most importantly, how can the barriers be removed? Our rally is intended to help make everyday discrimination in Bad Freienwalde visible. We can share experiences and learn about different perspectives. Our vision is a city where all people have equal rights and are treated with respect.
To this end, we came together two years ago in the alliance „Bad Freienwalde ist Bunt“.
We are about 30 people with very different backgrounds. Together we organize events and rallies for a diverse society and a city that is worth living in for everyone. We are looking forward to support and new faces in our group 🙂
[Finally, a thought about the afd: people in this party assume that because people are of different value, it’s perfectly okay to discriminate against some. They deliberately stir u fears and prejudices; they perceive diversity as a threat and not as a strength of a society. Their policies are the opposite of solidarity. That is why we do not offer them a stage at our event].
Together for a Bad Freienwalde based on solidarity – now!
Rally „Bad Freienwalde ist Bunt“ on June 03, 2023 from 12 to 4 p.m. // Bad Freienwalde marketplace.
insta: @bad_freienwalde_ist_bunt

More information: www.freiewalde-ist-bunt.de

Mail: kontakt@ Freienwalde-ist-bunt.de