Bad Freienwalde is a city where everyone should feel at home. Everyone, that means young and old, people from Germany or from other countries, people with and without disabilities, people, no matter who they love, people with a lot or little money, in short: everyone. We want a city in which people show solidarity with one another and stand up for one another. In which they welcome others and in which we grow together as a result of our differences.

In many areas, this is already reality. Many people in Bad Freienwalde are committed to helping disadvantaged people, like refugees: ma    king contacts, forming friendships. There are strong networks in which people help and support each other. Many people are committed to diversity and against discrimination in Bad Freienwalde.
But Bad Freienwalde unfortunately also has another side. The shift to the right, which has been evident throughout society for several years, also happened here. Growing neo-Nazi structures, right-wing and in part inhumane statements on the street, online, but also in public events worry us. Also in our town, people are physically attacked, spat at, and mobbed on the street because of their origin or their appearance.
We say clearly and unmistakably: We will not allow this. Together we stand up for a city for all that is diverse and worth living in.
We want to take this to the streets in a colorful and loud way. Come to our rally „Together against the right – Bad Freienwalde is colorful!“ and celebrate with us, show your face, stand up against right-wing tendencies, against discrimination and exclusion. There will be a diverse children’s and stage program and exciting information stands. Of course, there will also be plenty of space for nice conversations and exchange.

Together for a Bad Freienwalde in solidarity – now!

Rally „Bad Freienwalde remains colorful“ on August 14, 2021 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. // Bad Freienwalde marketplace.